I have a double profile as a Big Data Engineer/Data Scientist and Digital Marketing Specialist, also holding a solid track record in the software industry as a developer and technical leader.

I’m skilled in Data Analysis using Python, Numpy, Pandas, Sickit Learn for Hypothesis Testing, Linear, and Logistic Regression. For visualizations, I use Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, Tableau, and Power BI.

With Machine Learning, I have experience using several supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms like Decision Trees, KNN, K-means, SVM, PCA, Neural Networks, among others.

Also, for Big Data engineering, I have experience with Scala, Spark, Hadoop, MySQL, Transact SQL, Postgre SQL, Teradata, and API development with Play Framework, among other technologies.

I find particular interest in Market Basket Analysis, Recommender Systems, Network Analysis, and Natural Language Processing for my focus on marketing problems.

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Data Science

Preprocessing, Feature Engineering, Model Evaluation, Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning.

Data Analytics

Data manipulation, cleaning, and transformation, Hypothesis testing, Linear and Logistic Regressions, Reporting and Visualizations.

Digital Marketing

Database Marketing Techniques, Lead Generation, Inbound and Outbound Marketing. Specialization in Email Marketing, Conversion Funnels, and Content Marketing.

Software Development

More than 15 years of experience in Web and Database Development always with the last trends in programming languages, frameworks, and tools.


I had the pleasure of working with Sebastian during his time as a student at BrainStation. Sebastian demonstrated an impressive amount of drive and determination to dive into the fundamentals of Data Science, adapting to the complexities of a new discipline with an exceptional work ethic and willingness to learn.

He consistently approached new concepts with genuine enthusiasm and energy; qualities that make him naturally strong at collaboration. With his deep background expertise in digital marketing, Sebastian would be a valuable asset to any company looking for someone who can combine a data-driven mindset with real empathy.

Edward Prosser

Sebastian is a good Leader, has a great commitment and responsibility in the projects under his charge, has good management of the members of his work group and plans the projects correctly. Understands the diverse needs of the business, collaborates with users and with the company and with its predisposition offers improvements and optimizations in processes and in different systems.

Carlos Alberto Vivas

Sebastian is an excellent professional. I have worked with him on several projects, and he always has demonstrated commitment, professionalism, and a unique relationship with the de whole team. Sebastian has adapted to a lot of situations, and in all of them, he has given timely and adequate solutions.

Karina Giorno

Sebastian is a first class professional. He is excellent in both the technical and interpersonal aspects. Always attentive to be updated in the latest technological trends. He is a person who is continuously predisposed to collaborate with the team. His contributions to each project are always precious.

Luis Villagra